Toronto Educational Opportunity Fund (TEOF) Empowers TDSB Nutrition Programs 

Thurs 22 Feb 2024

The Toronto Educational Opportunity Fund (TEOF) continues its commitment to enhancing nutrition programs within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) with an annual donation of $100,000. This funding is directed towards supporting nutrition initiatives for Kindergarten to Grade 1 students across 25 selected schools and EarlyON Centres identified by TEOF. 


Since its inception in 1980, TEOF has fostered strong partnerships with TDSB, strategically allocating funds based on demographic insights. For 2023-2024, $80,000 was allocated to 25 elementary schools listed on the Learning Opportunities Index, with an additional $20,000 designated for EarlyON Centres. 


The TDSB’s Lunar New Year event on February 22 marked the ceremonial presentation of the two cheques, emphasizing the enduring partnership between TEOF and TDSB. Director of Education, Colleen Russell-Rawlins, expressed gratitude, stating, “It feels fitting that we are here today celebrating Lunar New Year and the year of the Dragon in particular. A symbol of brilliance, confidence, and leadership, the Dragon is thought to be among the most auspicious of signs. On behalf of all of us at the Toronto District School Board, I want to express my profound gratitude for the generosity of the Toronto Educational Opportunity Fund.” 


TEOF's commitment extends beyond financial support, aiming to nurture student well-being and academic achievement. By ensuring equitable access to nutritious meals and snacks, TEOF empowers students to thrive academically. This aligns with one of the directions in the TDSB’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan – prioritizing equitable opportunities for all students. 


As TEOF continues to adapt to community needs, its legacy of empowerment remains, offering pathways to a brighter future for Toronto's youth. 

From left to right – Deborah Williams (TDSB Trustee Ward 10), Farzana Rajwani (TDSB Trustee Ward 14), Shelley Laskin (TDSB Trustee Ward 8), Rachel Chernos Lin (TDSB Chair of the Board), Dan MacLean (Trustee Ward 2), Manna Wong (TDSB Trustee Ward 20) and Weidong Pei (TDSB Trustee Ward 12) hold two cheques from the Toronto Educational Opportunity Fund at this year’s Lunar New Year event.